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Testimonials by the Women of Redeem-Her

"My entire life has been a struggle with drugs and alcohol from an early age. I started drinking when I was 9 and by the time I was an early teen heron was a mainstay. I got sober and clean when I was 26 and maintained a dry lifestyle for 17 years. I was a professional making great money, got married and had 2 children. Unfortunately I lost my gratitude and relapsed when I was 43. Very quickly I lost my job, children, home, and sobriety. I turned to a life of crime, mainly forgery, to support my drug habit. I was incarcerated for 1 year and I thank God every day for that God-given time out. Once released, jobs were hard to come by. No one wanted to employ a convicted felon. After years of menial work I came in contact with Redeem-Her. Marcel allowed me to run the Neptune Store and the honor that someone trusted and loved me will never be forgotten. The support and love of my fellow Redeem-Her women has saved my life."
--Mary K.
"In November of 2009 I was released from a half-way house in Newark, NJ. I went to a homeless shelter for women in northern NJ for a few months. Things there were very difficult for me support-wise. I made a few bad choices on who I could trust and become involved with. In trying to get out of that situation I became involved with Redeem-Her. They helped me find a safe place to live, caring support for myself and son, and clothing and baby things I needed to provide a safe and loving up-bringing for him. Each and everyone at Redeem-Her has been instrumental in getting my life back on track. Thank you, Redeem-Her."
--Jenn T.
"I was blessed with the opportunity to start my journey at Redeem-Her’s transitional house. They opened their doors to me when there was literally nowhere else for me to turn. For the first time in many dark and painful years of addiction—I felt hope and I felt safe. I have been clean and sober ever since. The love, acceptance, support, and encouragement I received helped me to feel a part of something for the first time in my life. Soon after moving into the house, I began working at Second Chances Thrift Store. There, I learned how to show up and be accountable, productive, and responsible. Even before my addiction, these were not qualities that I possessed."
--Faith P.
"I will never deny that Redeem-Her saved my life. I was a heroin and Xanax addict who did anything to get my fix including sell my body and basically sell my soul. I went to Redeem-Her straight from prison not knowing what I was in for. I ended up making lifelong friendships and truly learning the meaning of recovery. I now have a beautiful 7 month old daughter and live a life I never thought I was capable of."
--Martha F.

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