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Here’s how it begins.  A prospective resident contacts our House Manager.  Those with a minimum of 30 days clean and sober, are asked a series of questions and provided information about the house.  An interview is set up either in person or by phone. All prospective residents are interviewed by the current residents who determine whether she will be a “good fit.”The intake process includes a review of the House Rules and living arrangements.  If accepted, each new resident is drug tested and begins with a 30-day probationary period.

Each resident is charged $130.00 per week which covers their share of expenses.  The women are expected to secure full-time employment within their first two weeks.  House Rules written by the women, for the women also dictate attending three NA/AA meetings per week.  The “Rules” are very strict and infractions are dealt with swiftly.  Each resident is subject to random urine testing and breathalyzers.  Urine testing is automatically done when returning from an overnight stay outside the residence.  Testing may be done at any time there is an indication that drug use may have occurred.  If a resident tests positive they are asked to leave immediately.  The protection of the other residents and their recovery is of utmost importance.  

Our program starts on the day a new resident enters the sober living home. 

Week One
Attend the NJ Reentry Program  This program provides a full range of employment services to include:

  • Case Management to help clients gain access to free health insurance and referrals to continuing medical and behavioral care;
  • Employment Services to guide clients in their job search;
  • Skills Training to teach clients employment skills, such as resume creation, job search assistance, interview preparation, criminal records workshops, etc.; and
  • Legal Assistance from pro bono lawyers who can help clients obtain identification, resolve previously existing legal issues, such as warrants and parking tickets, which can be barriers to employment.

Week Two
Look for a Job.

Week Three
Secure a Job. 

Week Four
Get the first paycheck, Focus on Recovery and Living in a Sober Living Home.

Our success is built around a structured life and a life shared with other women with similar experiences.Each new resident is surrounded by mentors who know how challenging recovery can be.  They are able to provide a personal level of understanding and connection.  They help each other, they give each other hope, and they celebrate together each step along the way.

Our goal is to help the women help themselves to become healthy, whole, productive, strong and eventually capable of living independent, successful sober lives.  Many have returned to school, gotten married and resumed a life with their families.   Since 2008, Redeem-Her has been able to provide approximately 250 women the opportunity to get back on their feet and go on to lead clean, sober and productive lives. Unfortunately, we are not always able to track each resident after they leave the Redeem-Her House.  They move on, move away and we hope continue to live a sober life

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