Our Mission

Redeem-Hers’ mission is to provide transitional services to women released from rehabilitation and incarceration.  The disease of addiction has long been ravaging our communities.  The opioid epidemic continues to spiral out of control as more and more women become addicted, become homeless, incarcerated as punishment for their addiction, isolated, alienated and lost souls.  Monmouth and Ocean counties rank as some of the highest at-risk counties in the state of New Jersey.  Statistics from 2017 as reported last year in the Asbury Park Press reveal that in Monmouth/Ocean Counties there were 788,750 opioid prescriptions and 362 deaths.  (Source: NJ Coordinator for Addiction Responses and Enforcement Strategies).

Having just been released from rehab  or prison, a woman faces many decisions regarding accessing social services, re-entering the workforce, obtaining identification, finding housing and getting drug tested.  It can be an extremely burdensome challenge for those seeking to rejoin their communities and assimilate back into society. Our comprehensive program addresses all of these issues. 

We understand when a woman seeks residence at the Redeem-Her sober living home she comes with nothing.  She has no job, no place to live, no money, no transportation, no food, etc.  Former relationships with family and friends are broken.  The Redeem-Her organization subsidizes (as funds are available) the first three weeks of living expenses, e.g.  rent, utilities,  bus passes for job searches and money for food.  By granting the women the funding to get started, they are better able to “make it” by the time they get their first paycheck.  The opportunity to live at the Redeem-Her House provides a hand-up rather than a hand-out encouraging each resident to commit to recovery.

We currently have eight residents, which is the maximum capacity for the house.  There is no limit on the amount of time they can stay at the Redeem-Her House.  Four of the current residents have been with us over two years, two  over one year and two  over six months.  These women have achieved stable lives in recovery from opioid addiction and alcoholism.  They all have jobs, several now have their  license and even a car, and many are re-united with children and family.

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